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artist Amy Honey

Seaforth, NS, CANADA
Red Cat Records

biographical info

Amy Honey is a Canadian singer/songwriter/rocker/honky-tonk heroine. Born and raised in the wilds of rural Nova Scotia (West Chezzetcook, to be specific), she moved to Vancouver in 1996, and 12 years later returned to the land of her birth where she now resides in a small seaside village called Seaforth.

In 1998, she joined the Vancouver ladyrockin' band, Clover Honey, and together they won CiTR's 1999 Shindig battle of the bands competition, put out their critically acclaimed Go Horse Go album and toured the length and breadth of Canada several times. Asses were kicked, names were taken, and Amy's reputation as an entertaining live performer was born.

With the demise of Clover Honey, earlier this century, Amy decided it was time to step out on her own and start calling the tunes herself. In May 2002, she and her partner founded Red Cat Records (a CD store and label), and soon thereafter, she put our her self-titled album. Recorded by Scott Henderson (Atlas Strategic / Nomeansno) at SOS Studios, it featured the additional talents of such musical luminaries as Carolyn Mark, Keith Rose (Hard Rock Miners / Royal Grand Prix) and Garth Johnson (Carolyn Mark & Her Roommates / Beach Mutants). This album saw Amy stepping away somewhat (but not entirely) from her Lady Rockin' persona and, instead, exploring the Canadian Roots music themes that she grew up with. The Folkpop homage to her misspent youth, Dirtbikin', received high rotation on CBC radio, and the album was a hit on the Canadian college radio charts.

After much touring... and having appeared on stage with the likes of Howe Gelb, Feist and Mr. Airplane Man, in 2007 Amy released her second album, Pioneer Woman on Self Righteous Records. Recorded by Tolan McNeil (Frog Eyes / Destroyer) at Lucky Mouse Studios, this time she once again brought along good pal Carolyn Mark, in addition to teeing up the multi-talented Gregory Macdonald (Sloan / Peppersands), Diona Davis (Po' Girl / ESL) and Cal Dick (Neckbeard / Fracas). Delving further into the Country/Folk Noir vibe that infects many artists who live in B.C.'s deep dark rainforest, Pioneer Woman was once again a critic's favourite, and became a staple on CBC and college radio. Old Reliable Death was selected by CBC Radio 3 as the ideal track to put a stamp on the end of 2007 on New Years Eve, and Pioneer Woman made the top 10 list of albums on CiTR radio.

Amy Honey is currently writing a new album, with tentative plans for release and touring in the Spring of 2009.



"Amy Honey is an artist and music represents only one brilliant note in her creative range. Photography is another; her photographs are bold in their use of contrast, just like her music. Finding beauty between the stark and sublime images, sounds and influences she fits together like Lego, Honey builds metal on melancholy. Recklessly soulful, the prowess of this pioneer woman is undeniable. From bands Clover Honey to the Nervous Breakdown to her second solo record following 2003’s self-titled release, this is the land of Amy Honey. She has palate endowed with wide musical taste and a gift for aesthetic transcendence, style and grace. Her pop sensitivity is as keen as her ability to rock is hard and her love of tradition is true. The Victoria/Vancouver artist can’t help but kick hipster ass and make it better." Travis Ritchie - Exclaim Magazine (June 2007)

"Exploring themes of urban psychosis, alienation, reckless abandon, Canadiana and death, Amy has created an album that strides the fine line between Henry David Thoreau and The Handsome Family." Andrew Pearson

"Now that Neko Case is off making her own creepy brand of high lonesome noir, VanCity wailer Amy Honey could easily step up to play co-Corn Sister to kooky country soulmate Carolyn Mark (who delivers fine backing vocals and saloon-style piano on Pioneer Woman). Like Mark, Honey has a tendency to write oddball pop pastiches of trashy country tunes, documenting the colourful characters who populate her urban hinterland with the warped humour of that brash regular who goads you to make it to last call at your local. She's strongest when she reins things in, though, and there are affecting themes of Canuck survivalism, isolation, the inevitability of death and heartbreak. Lily My Deer's derelict mother and the beat-driven ode to Lost In The Barrens author Farley Mowat showcase Honey at her best."
Now Magazine, June 2007

"Listening to this in my car the past couple of days... it is really earthy and edgy all at the same time makes me wanna sell all my shit and head to the woods."
Rock N' Roll Pimp via

"Amy has the true spirit of a pioneer in both her music and approach to life. No frills, yet full of the beauty, joy and heartache that are so easily hidden by all the glitzy trappings of modern day life. She sings of the things close to her heart, and after listening to Pioneer Woman I feel like I know her in a way I know very few people. She opens up her soul to those of us that take the time to sit a spell and listen to what she has to say."
Anne Murphy @


"Amy Honey's first solo disc is as homey and inviting as a thrift shop from which none of the good stuff has been taken yet."
The Globe and Mail

"Honey, formerly of alt-rockers Clover Honey, is a clever charmer with an endearingly laid-back vocal delivery and a knack for genre fusion and neat hooks, and this self-titled disc is a thrilling hayride of gentle country twang, punk rock punchiness and witty lyrical twists that doesn't stop till you're drinkin' whiskey long after sunset."
Now Magazine (Toronto)

"Honeys debut is one of those difficult to pigeonhole efforts that defies even the most jaded music fans attempts to slap a label on it. She can belt out an upbeat country song one minute, a metal track the next followed by a synth pop tune - often in the course of one song."

"Damn, girl, your voice is sweeter than a moonlit drunk on my front porch!"
J. McLaughlin


"Was she funny or off her meds? By the time she kicked out the hilarious “Sabbath!”, she had won everyone over. If you’re at all curious about what Tony Iommi would sound like if he had grown up in the Ozarks, catch Honey’s next show and request this song."
The Georgia Straight


Amy Honey vocals, guitar


old vs. new
Vancouver, British Columbia
West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
the beach
Pioneer Women
Self Righteous Records
May, 2007
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Amy Honey
Red Cat Records
July, 2003
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4307 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
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