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artist Ambre McLean

Guelph, ON, CANADA
Northwood Records

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What does it mean to be an Ambre McLean fan?

The answer to that question begins the moment you hear her sing.  It’s something you earn a deeper understanding of as you absorb her songs, or perhaps more accurately – as they absorb you.  “Soul” is a word that means different things to different people…  Some things need to be felt rather than summed up with words.  Some things are better understood by that shiver down your spine, that smile on your face, or that tear that sneaks down your cheek.  Whatever soul means to you, experiencing the music of Ambre McLean, may just leave you with a new definition.

“She must have been born to it. Ambre is a brilliant player, a brilliant songwriter and a brilliant performer.” (Craig Norris, CBC)

“McLean’s voice – is an instrument itself: gorgeous, sometimes with a rich, bluesy feel, other times a sweet mellow sound, alternatively soft and ferocious, always carrying these tunes straight to your musical heart.” (David Yazbeck,

“Seeing Ambre live is what live music should be like – Spontaneous Combustion… This is the new sound of Canada rising, soulful, thoughtful, and reflective.” (Michael Williams)

“I find her voice fantastically expressive.” (Alan Cross)

Northwood Records
September, 2014
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Murder at The Smokehouse
Busted Flat
December, 2010
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I Wonder If...
January, 2007
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upcoming shows

Oct 23 Pembroke Santa Fe Grill & Bar
Oct 24 Bloomfield The Agrarian
Oct 25 Napanee The Loaf N Ale
Oct 26 Ottawa The Rainbow Bistro
Oct 27 Montreal Grumpy's Bar (MTL)
Oct 29 St. Andrews The Red Herring
Oct 30 Halifax The Company House
Nov 01 Halifax The Company House
Dec 07 Toronto Not My Dog
 Limited Play

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