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artist Alphabet Soup

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

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Can you remember sitting down for lunch as a child and eating a bowl of delicious alphabet soup? Digging around with your spoon looking for the letters that spelled out your name or just feeling the warmth of that good soup as it went down - those were memories of good times when things were simpler and laughter came easily. Well, what we try to do at Alphabet Soup is bring back the great feelings of those times. Remembering the happiness of being a kid, singing silly songs and telling funny stories; enjoying simple pleasures.

Alphabet Soup is made up of Tim Braun, Micki Casey and Sean Hogan. Using a sometimes odd assortment of instruments, props and actions, their goal is to entertain kids of all ages through music, story-telling and good old fashioned fun. It is their hope that an hour with them will make you smile.


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Sean Hogan tallest
Tim Braun in the middle
Micki Casey shortest


Al Simmons
Bob King
They Might be Giants
You're It!
June, 2008
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