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artist Allison Lickley

Montreal, QC, CANADA

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"She has a haunting quality that sticks to my soul and stays there for a long, long, long time after the song ends. Doesn’t matter if it is a folk-like number or a gospel backed hymn, the effect is always the same for me. A weird kind of melancholy mixed with the happy energy that such a voice still exists in this world of pre-packaged Idol worship. She leaves me with a stupid smile I can’t shake."
-Rob Slack, Lopticulations

Allison Lickley is a singer/songwriter that charms audiences with her stories and captures them with her songs. Known for her honest, intimate performances, her voice is often compared to those of Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones. Wolf/Furey Productions writes that Allison is a “…painter of musical vistas both tender and sweeping, with a voice as clear and rich as a star-swept Canadian winter sky.”

Born in Edmonton, raised in Sudbury, schooled in the Maritimes, and currently living in Montreal, this Canadian singer/songwriter has come a long way since writing her first song in the back of her parents Volvo wagon. The daughter of two scientist/musician parents, it seemed almost logical that Lickley would first earn a degree in Chemistry before moving to Montreal to officially start her music career.

And now, two years after moving to Montreal, Lickley has released her first full-length, fully-produced record, You Might Find Me Here. This twelve-song album is the culmination of a year’s work with LA/Montreal producer/engineer, Robert-Eric Gaskell. You Might Find Me Here is a fusion of Lickley’s minimalist folk style and Gaskell’s urban music background. The album has already started garnering attention from the critics; of You Might Find Me Here, CBC’s Dan Lessard writes that “Allison Lickley has a haunting quality to her voice and lyrics that compel you to play every track on her disc. This up and coming young lady has soul, track to track, and by listening to her music, you get the sense you know her.” Lickley describes it as a record that stays true to her folk songwriter’s heart, but has taken risks and stretched her creative limits: “I feel that this record parallels my move to Montreal – a beautifully unpredictable, electric city. The album maintains the essence of the songs, but it goes in directions you might not expect… it isn’t afraid of adventure.”


Allison Lickley Singer Songwriter


Shawn Colvin
Joni Mitchell
Bonnie Raitt
You Might Find Me Here
March, 2008
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Late September EP
October, 2006
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