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artist Allan Moon

Toronto, ON, CANADA

biographical info

Liner Notes by Martin "Jukebox" Rubinstein

"Canadian born singer/songwriter Allan Moon released his first full length album Song of the Wind. Although Moon is responsible for most of the recording and instrumentation, the album is credited with some extraordinary personnel: Uri Brauner Kinrot (Boom Pam, Balkan Beat Box, Firewater) on electric guitar and Yogev Samina (Tippa Irie, Alexander O'Neal, Carroll Thompson) as recording engineer...

...Song of the Wind stretches across Moons' wide spectrum, his uncompromising lyrical content and the ability to deliver a soft croon and a ballsy roar in the same breath. From the social commentary of Sheep, to the achingly honest Days of Healing, and down into Heartbreak, in which Moon tackles getting stoned, sucking toes and dying. It is the work of a musician who has worked as both poet and artist, and is at once musical, visual and poetic."


Neil Young
Kris Kristofferson
George Harrison
Song of the Wind
May, 2008
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