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artist Air Marshal Landing

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Rock, Pop

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PLAYING THEIR DISTINCTLY VERSATILE ROCK, Air Marshal Landing’s quirky pop sensibilities teach their fans that it really is a good idea to grab your two best friends and start a band together.Their three-piece, but more like 10-instrument, family of clever songwriting and tight musicality displays an ability to write across a variety of genres while maintaining a sound that is uniquely theirs.

Air Marshal Landing’s first full-length album You Used To Be Me will be released June 4, 2013 and was recorded with Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run) at The Farm on Canada’s West Coast. The record refuses to abide by any one genre’s rules, offering a spectrum of sounds while holding on to the band’s consistently bright, thoughtful, and layered style. The record’s themes are slightly darker and more contemplative than earlier recordings, but listeners will be unable to ignore the fun they had while making the album and the coastal influences, especially on tracks like “Jessie (West Coast)”.

You Used To Be Me contains unexpected arrangements that are bound to please indie rock fans, but pairs the style with incredible attention to dynamics and with hooks an audience could instantly memorize.

“Me And My Friends” was released early as a teaser track with accompanying music video and shortly after, you couldn’t attend an AML show without the audience shouting the lyrics or appropriately whistling along with the band during the interlude. Anticipation for the full album is growing with each video release, blog update, and live show. Air Marshal Landing understands the work beyond the writing room or stage and never ceases to offer fans another reason to pay attention.

Leading up to You Used To Be Me, Air Marshal Landing posted a brand new music video along with the single “Little Town” in early April.

The Canadian band is more like a brotherhood now, but the group was initially formed in sections. Matt Simmonds (bass, keys, vocals, guitars) and Cory Adrian (guitars, vocals, bass) met as young teens through their church in Uxbridge, Ontario and honed their songwriting skills together, playing in various bands along the way. Graham Drummond (drums, synth, percussion), originally from Waterdown, ON, grew up drumming in screamo bands before meeting Matt at The University of Western Ontario.

Matt took the big step and brought Graham home to meet Cory in the summer of 2008 and after a short jam, they quickly discovered that the music they made together, well, worked.

And it has been working ever since, landing them spots in IndieWeek Canada and Canadian Music Week. Spending much of their time in the Toronto area, when they’re not touring across Ontario and Quebec, AML is being recognized by their peers and playing alongside well-established bands like Hey Ocean, Poor Young Things, and Gloryhound. Air Marshal Landing has had some quick successes and is taking advantage of the momentum.

Matt, Cory, and Graham are simply infectious (think less like a disease and more like contagious laughter). Whether they’re filming dramatic storytelling with Scottish accents or making cheeky comments to the audience, their fans are always in on the joke, like an ever-welcome club that anyone who hears about wants to be a part of.

Sure, the boys make up a fairly straightforward trio, but thankfully, they rarely stick to their instrumental roles and end up creating memorable performances and outstanding compositions.

You Used To Be Me was released independently on June 4, 2013 and can be purchased online, at select retailers, or at live shows.


Matt Simmonds
Cory Adrian
Graham Drummond


small towns
british columbia
hot tea
cold coffee
You Used To Be Me
June, 2013
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August, 2012
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June, 2012
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July, 2009
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