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artist A.C. Newman

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

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That band puts Newman's brilliant songs in the hands of a varied crew of insanely talented pals; with 'The Slow Wonder,' Newman's own talents take center stage, showcasing him as a classic, if eccentric, songwriter, part of a lineage that includes Ray Davies, Johnny Rivers, Harry Nilsson, Colin Blunstone, Dave Edmunds, Andy Partridge, Wayne Coyne, Ben Folds, Britt Daniel, or any other number of guys he doesn't exactly sound like but with whom Carl could readily match wits. A.C. Newman had a thrilling and prosperous life prior to 1992, but felt he needed more when he joined the Vancouver BC pop/rock act Zumpano. They recorded two albums for Sub Pop in 1995 and 1996 before essentially dropping out of music circles, though no official breakup was ever announced. Neither grunge, post-rock, "torch pop" nor any of the other flavors of the day, Zumpano were highly regarded but maintained a low profile. This changed when Newman resurfaced in 2000 with The New Pornographers, a benevolent dictatorship - not unlike the American government - though one which seeks to overturn existing social structures. Now, for the first time, Newman's out on his own, and the results are predictably stunning. 'The Slow Wonder' has a beautifully open and uplifting feel, even as its lyrics often subvert the sunny vibe. Musically, too, the melodies and arrangements take unexpected detours which give the songs more depth with each listen.


A.C. Newman the man
Shut Down the Streets
Matador Records
October, 2012
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Get Guilty
Last Gang
January, 2009
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Matador at Fifteen comp.
Matador Records
October, 2004
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The Slow Wonder
Matador Records
January, 2004
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A.C. Newman

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