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program What Happens Next? The Dan Mangan Documentary

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Synopsis: The night before musician Dan Mangan plays the biggest concert of his life, he invites a few close friends over for a poker game and explores the ideas of fate, destiny and the daunting question: what happens next?

Dan Mangan  
Kenton Loewen  
Gordon Grdina  
Kirsten Slenning

Directed and produced by Brent Hodge and Jon Siddall.

Executive producer: Sheila Peacock

Adam PW Smith  
Joe Schweers  
Josh Huculiak  
Brent Hodge

Alex Leigh Barker  
Andrew Huculiak  
Brent Hodge  
Nicholas Shepard

Live music director:
Ben Aylsworth

Bruce Dierick  
Gary Morgan  
John Diemer

Dermot Shane

Motion Graphics and animation:
Ian Buchko

Watercolour painting:
Thomas Buchan

Graphic design:
Ben Didier

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posted by Elliott Garnier on Oct 20, 2012
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