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The best of Radio 2 Morning and Drive in 20 hot songs.

This week two songs make big leaps: Reuben and the Dark's "Devil's Time" is up seven to number six and the Swedish sister-duo First Aid Kit's "Waitress Song" is up 11 places to number nine. But the biggest news is that Arkells' "Come to Light" are no longer number one! After three weeks with the best seat in the house, they've been dethroned by Adam Cohen's "We Go Home." To make it even better, Cohen also won the most votes this week!

Also this week:

Jill Barber releases the video for "Broken For Good".

First Aid Kit does a little Tenacious D before getting into their cover of Jack White's "Love Interruption."

Beck performs "Loser" at the Austin City Limits music festival.

The chart

1. Adam Cohen, "We Go Home" (up one, most online votes, new number one!)

2. Arkells, "Come to Light" (down one)

3. Bahamas, "Stronger Than That" (up one)

4. Bobby Bazini, "Bubblegum" (down one)

5. Ryan Adams, "Gimme Something Good" (up two)

6. Reuben and the Dark, "Devil's Time" (up seven)

7. Kings of Leon, "Family Tree" (down two)

8. New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers" (down two) 

9. First Aid Kit, "Waitress Song" (up 11!)

10. Ray LaMontagne, "Drive-in Movies" (up one)

NQ Arbuckle, “Lifeboat (Song for Carolyn Mark)” (down three)

12. Robert Plant, "Rainbow" (down three) 

Sam Roberts Band, "Metal Skin" (down three) 

14. The Strumbellas, "End of an Era" (down three) 

15. Jill Barber, "Broken For Good" (same)

16. Tom Petty, "U Get Me High" (same)

17. Beck, "Heart is a Drum" (down three)

18. Broken Bells, "No Matter What You're Told" (up one) 

19. The Black Keys, "Year in Review" (up one)

20. Ndidi O, "How Long" (down three)

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posted by Nana aba Duncan on Aug 15, 2014
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