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Nana aba Duncan counts down the best 20 singles on Radio 2.

This week, three new entries: Arkells stay in the game with "11:11," the Wilderness of Manitoba enter with "Leave Someone" and Elliott BROOD's "Jigsaw Heart" gets the most votes. Also this week, former frontman for Led Zeppelin Robert Plant says he might be calling it quits and Bahamas reveals he has a country and western alter ego named "Tex Message".

Scroll down to see who's at number one.

Here are the new adds to the chart:

Arkells, "11:11."

The Wilderness of Manitoba, "Leave Someone."

Elliott BROOD, "Jigsaw Heart."


Listen to Elliott Brood's "Jigsaw Heart"

The chart

1. Adam Cohen, "We Go Home" (same, third week in a row!)

2. Hey Rosetta!, "Kintsukuroi" (up three)

3. Ryan Adams, "Gimme Something Good" (up one)

4. The Black Keys, "Gotta Get Away" (up four)

5. Bastille, "Flaws" (up one)

6. Elliott BROOD, "Jigsaw Heart" (new entry)

7. Bahamas, "Stronger Than That" (down five)

8. Spoon, "Do You" (up two)

9. First Aid Kit, "Waitress Song" (up five)

10. Robert Plant, "Rainbow" (up one)

11. James, "Moving On" (up nine)

12. New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers" (down five)

13. The Strumbellas, "End of an Era" (down one)

14. Reuben and the Dark, "Devil's Time" (down five)

15. Arkells, "11:11" (new entry)

16. The Wilderness of Manitoba, "Leave Someone" (new entry)

17. Ndidi O, "How Long" (up one)

18. Beck, "Heart is a Drum" (down two)

19. Frazey Ford, "September Fields" (same)

20. Boy & Bear, "Three-Headed Woman" (down five)

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posted by Nana aba Duncan on Aug 28, 2014

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