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Nana aba counts down the 20 best songs of the week.

This week Adam Cohen galvanized fans to make his song "We Go Home" number one in votes, but sadly he didn't stay at number one like last week. Instead, he slips down a place and Arkells jump to number one with "Come to Light." Weekly sales played a big part on the chart this week. So if you want a song on this chart to go up, buy the music, too! Also, last week's newcomer NQ Arbuckle jumped up the chart by six places.

More from this week:

Dominique Fricot put out a quick little road-tripping song after his tour, called "Prairie Drivin'."

Robert Plant talked about the release of his latest album, lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar.

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The chart

1. Arkells, "Come to Light" (up two, new number one!)

2. Adam Cohen, "We Go Home" (down one, most online votes) 

3. Kings of Leon, "Family Tree" (up two)

4. Bobby Bazini, "Bubblegum" (same)

5. Sam Smith, "Stay With Me" (down three)

6. Bahamas, "Stronger Than That" (up two)  

7. First Aid Kit, "My Silver Lining" (down one) 

8. Tom Petty, "U Get Me High" (up three)

9. New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers" (down two) 

10. Sam Roberts Band, "Metal Skin" (up two) 

11. Ryan Adams, "Gimme Something Good" (down one)

12. Jill Barber, "Broken For Good" (up one) 

13. Reuben and the Dark, "Devil's Time" (down five) 

14. NQ Arbuckle, “Lifeboat (Song for Carolyn Mark)” (up six, biggest mover)

15. Robert Plant, "Rainbow" (up two) 

16. The Franklin Electric, "Unsatisfied" (down seven) 

17. Ray LaMontagne, "Drive-in Movies" (down one)

18. Dominique Fricot, "I Miss the '80s" (down four) 

19. Broken Bells, "No Matter What You're Told" (down four) 

20. Eric Clapton, "Call Me the Breeze" (down one) 

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posted by Nana aba Duncan on Jul 23, 2014
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