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#R220 Chart Countdown

This week, Scott Helman is the new number one! It's special because "Bungalow" is the first Canadian song to be number one for the past nine weeks. Nine!

Also new: Alan Doyle joins the chart with "Where I Belong" and Coldplay with "Ink." Amelia Curran cracks the top five with "Somebody, Somewhere" and Joshua Hyslop's "Living and Dying" hops nine places to settle at number 10. Also, Damien Rice and the Lone Bellow are back to the chart after dropping out for a few weeks.

For Coldplay's "Ink," try singing Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" over the beginning part. It works!

Alan Doyle's "So Let's Go."

The chart

1. Scott Helman, "Bungalow" (up one, most online votes!

2. Hozier, "From Eden" (down one)

3. Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat" (same)

4. TV on the Radio, "Happy Idiot" (same)

5. Amelia Curran, "Somebody Somewhere" (up two)

6. Elle King, "Ex's and Oh's" (down one)

7. Jenn Grant, "No One's Gonna Love You" (up four)

8. Lowell, "The Bells" (up five) 

9. Knox Hamilton, "Work it Out" (up nine)

10. Joshua Hyslop, "Living and Dying" (up nine)

11. You+Me, "You and Me" (down five)

12. Damien Rice, "I Don't Want to Change You" (re-entry)

13. Alan Doyle, "So Let's Go" (new)

14. Wilderness of Manitoba, "Big Skies" (up six)

15. Carleton Stone, "Blood is Thicker Than Water" (down five)

16. Jeremy Fisher, "I Love You... So?" (down four)

17. Charlie Winston, "Lately" (down three)

18. Coldplay, "Ink" (new)

19. Mo Kenney, "I Faked It" (down two)

20. The Lone Bellow, "Then Came the Morning" (re-entry)

posted by Nana aba Duncan on Nov 21, 2014
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