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Happy first day of June everyone! It's a big week for debuts — we have new ones from MIMICO, Socalled, Taylor Knox, Astral Swans, Humans, No Joy, Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club) and Metric! Braids leaps up the charts to the top 5 in only two weeks and  we also have a brand new number one song from Hawkslely Workman. Enjoy!


Listen to all 30 songs in this week's R3-30 playlist.

30. Digits "Safe" 
29. MIMICO "Big Sister"
28. Dany Laj & the Looks "Best Thing In Town" 
27. AA Wallace "Harlequin"
26. Socalled "Boyfriend Material"
25. Sur Une Plage "Minimum"
24. Taylor Knox "That's What You Do"
23. Loon Choir "Bug"
22. Blimp Rock "Let’s All Stay In Tonight" 
21. Hill & the Sky Heroes "The Flame" 
20. Astral Swans "Let Their Faces All Blur Out"
19. Humans "Gotta Go Home"
18. Peter Elkas "Sturdy Love"
17. No Joy "Moon In My Mouth"
16. Joel Plaskett "Credits Roll"
15. Dave Monks "Gasoline"
14. Slow Down Molasses "Home"
13. Metric "The Shade"
12. Tough Age "Snakes & Ladders" 
11. Hayden "Nowhere We Cannot Go" 
10. The Muscadettes "Honey Let Go" 
9. Les Jupes "Everything Will Change"
8. Fast Romantics "Julia"
7. Coeur De Pirate "Carry On" 
6. Whitehorse "Baby What’s Wrong" 
5. Faith Healer "No Cars" 
4. Braids "Taste"
3. Metz "Spit You Out" 
2. Twin River "Get Gone"
1. Hawksley Workman "Don’t Take Yourself Away" 

What's your favourite song on our chart this week? Which song deserves to be #1 next week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @cbcradio3.


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posted by Radio 3 Staff on Jun 01, 2015
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