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We welcome the Kents on to the chart this week with their highly danceable rock number "The Stakes." We also have new songs from Megan Bonnell and Le Trouble, and Montreal electro-rock duo Wake Island make our highest debut with their dance-floor ready song "Never Entirely There." We end this chart summary with a major shakeup: Bronswick, Jessy Lanza and Weaves leap into the top 3 while Wintersleep and Tokyo Police Club fall out of the top 5! Tune in next time to find out if anyone can hold on to the number one spot for more than a week.


Listen to our top 30 songs as a playlist.

30. The Kents, “The Stakes”
29. Megan Bonnell, “Golden Boy”
28. Red Arms, “Hindsight”
27. Language-Arts, “Luckiness”
26. Le Trouble, “White Knuckles”
25. Minotaurs, “Weird Waves”
24. Programm, “Jukai”
23. Ludo Pin, “Les Moyen Du Bord”
22. Essaie Pas, “Retox”
21. Wake Island, “Never Entirely There”
20. Lab Coast, “Bored Again”
19. White Lung, “Kiss Me When I Bleed”
18. Walrus, “Wearing It”
17. Coyote, “Nights”
16. Repartee, “Dukes”
15. Black Mountain, “Mothers Of The Sun”
14. Bestie, “Bae”
13. David Vertesi, “Forever Young”
12. Little Scream, “Love As A Weapon”
11. Chris Storrow, “Raised The Bar”
10. Woodpigeon, “Faithful”
9. Living Hour, “Seagull”
8. Bart, “On/Off”
7. Tokyo Police Club, “Not My Girl”
6. Wintersleep, “Santa Fe”
5. Jay Arner, “Crystal Ball”
4. The Zolas, “Swooner”
3. Bronswick, “Comme La Mer”
2. Jessy Lanza, “VV Violence”
1. Weaves, “One More” 

What's your favourite song on our chart this week? Which song deserves to be #1 next week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @cbcradio3. 

posted by Radio 3 Staff on May 23, 2016
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