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When Coeur De Pirate hit the stage of the 2015 CBC Music Festival Béatrice Martin and her band seemed a little nervous. Playing a set of mostly unheard and unreleased new material is never easy. Further amping up the pressure, was the fact that Coeur de Pirate - a super star in French speaking Canada - was about to perform for a primarily English speaking audience.

But the music fans assembled at the CBC Music Festival were not your average music fans. These folks were hardcore Canadian music aficionados. The sea of people gathered in front of the main stage greeted Coeur De Pirate like the super star she is.

Coeur De Pirate rewarded the fans with a tight set of mostly new songs and added a few fan favourites to everyone's delight. When the crowd starting singing along, Coeur De Pirate was visibly moved.

Here are a few of the performances from Coeur De Pirate's CBC Music Festival performance which also acts as a preview for her yet-to-be-released new record, Roses which is due out on August 28th.

'Carry On' by Coeur De Pirate

'Undone' by Coeur De Pirate

'Crier Tout Bas' by Coeur De Pirate

'I Don't Want To Break Your Heart' by Coeur De Pirate

'Oceans Brawl' by Coeur De Pirate

'Our Love' by Coeur De Pirate

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