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q host Shad sat down with Adele recently for an in-depth conversation, which you can listen to over at q or watch on The National tonight at 9 p.m. ET on News Network, 10 p.m. ET on CBC Television (10:30 NT) or online at Shad talked to Adele about writing and recording her new album 25, breaking sales records and how motherhood has changed her life.

Below are 10 things we learned about Adele from Shad’s insightful conversation.

She’s a little behind on social media
In October, Adele revealed that the reason why she got her Twitter access revoked by her management was because she was drunk tweeting too much. Well it doesn’t look like the British singer uses much social media at all now. “I’m not that up to speed on social media so it’s been a complete revelation with this campaign,” she told Shad. “I think it’s truly phenomenal and astonishing with how much power the people have on Twitter and Instagram. I heard about Snapchat for the first time this morning, I’m literally that out of the loop.”

Why she chose “Hello” as her lead single
When it came time to choose a lead single off of 25, the two contenders were “Hello” and the Max Martin-produced “Send My Love.” At the end, Adele felt that “Hello” was just more apt, adding that, “I felt like ‘hello’ was the perfect word to come back with, in conversation let alone in a song.”

She likes to keep her work life and home life completely separate
Unlike the studio sessions for 21, Adele didn't come prepared with pre-written songs this time around because she simply didn't have time to work at home. Plus, she doesn't want to work at home. “I don’t even play guitar at home because I'm always frightened that I’ll wake the baby up,” she explained. “I don’t take my work home and I don’t take my life to work either, it gets too emotional…which that sounds stupid because, obviously, I'm probably the most emotional person!” She enjoys the control she has over her career, but when she’s at home, she’s “a hot chocolate, I'm just a little puddle.”

Motherhood gave Adele a sense of pride
“I never really thought much of myself, in terms of what I've managed to create and what I've managed to pull off and how far I’d managed to bring myself,” she said, regarding how motherhood changed her life. “When I had him everything, my whole life, made sense. Like oh, I get it. This is what I'm here to do; I'm here to be his mom. This world just made sense to me at that point. I feel so great having giving birth to a human being, I feel very powerful. I feel like I can do anything.”

She has built a life-long bond with Tobias Jesso Jr.
The two artists have shared a great amount of love and respect for each other in numerous recent interviews, and it’s safe to say we’ll see more collaborations between Adele and Canadian singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. in the future. “He will be writing songs with me for the rest of my career,” Adele said with complete confidence. “I absolutely love him.”

She’s fully in control of her career thanks to a supportive management team
Adele credits her management for the amount of control she has over her career because instead of just making decisions for her, her management would tell her, “No, we’re staying up till 5 a.m., until you understand everything and you can give me a yes or a no with a good reason.” Also, it’s her music and she's the artist. “Why is someone in a boardroom, who has never written a record in their lives, making decisions for me?” she asked rhetorically.

She’s not fazed by fame
Adele may be one of the biggest artists in the world right now, but she still won’t allow the fame to consume her. “I’m not tempted in the slightest by anything that being famous has to offer,” she revealed. “It’s really lovely and it’s a great luxury to dip in and out of it and to experience it, and I’m forever grateful for that, but that ain’t real. I’d rather live a real life and be a real person.”  

Who does she say “I love you” to at the end of her SNL performance?
Adele recently returned to Saturday Night Live to perform her singles “Hello” and “When We Were Young.” At the end of her second performance, she mouths “I love you” to someone; that someone is her best friend Laura Dockrill. “We’ve been best friends since I was 14,” Adele told Shad. While she admitted that they “drifted apart” for a while, the two remained close friends and she even calls Dockrill “one of the loves of my lives.” Dockrill flew in to New York from London for her big televised performance and when Adele spotted her in the crowd after her beautiful rendition of “When We Were Young,” she couldn’t help but have a small celebratory moment with her.

Breaking records is cool, but it’s not what makes Adele happy
While 25 has officially broken the record in America for the most albums sold in its first week, statistics aren’t the driving force in Adele’s life. Happiness is much more personal for the singer: “As long as my fans are happy and as long as I’m happy […] it’s all about people’s reactions and stuff like that and I feel like it has gone really well.”  

She’s going on tour for her fans
Adele doesn’t have to tour, but she is admittedly excited to hit the road in the New Year. (Adele recently announced a small string of European tour dates.) “I don’t love touring, but I love the shows,” she said. “I’m only going on tour for the fans. There is literally no other reason because I don’t need to go on tour.” 

posted by Melody Lau on Nov 27, 2015
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