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Shad's first day as the new host of q is today and this morning the show kicked off with a new theme written and performed by Afie Jurvanen, aka Bahamas.

Catchy and energetic and flexible, the new theme falls right in line with the tone of the show and the new host. Bahamas spoke to Shad about how he came to craft the song.

"I got an email saying 'Hey, do you want to try this thing?' I thought that'd be fun. My songs are usually two and a half minutes long so this is, like, one minute of music so I thought it'll be half the amount of effort," Bahamas quipped. "It actually turned out to be a lot more work than that."

Have a listen to the new theme and the rest of the interview with Bahamas below.


Shad on his new role at CBC's q and what it means for the mainstreaming of rap 

posted by Judith Lynch on Apr 20, 2015
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