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My Playlist with Sophie Milman

Juno winner Sophie Milman is this week's guest host on Inside the Music and she's celebrating the singer and the song. Mostly the female variety. (Tony Bennett and Gerry Goffin get in there too) She's also got great taste: Carman McRae, Serena Ryder, Feist, Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner and Joni Mitchell all have a special place on her playlist.

Milman was a nineteen-year-old business student studying at the University of Toronto when her life changed completely. She had been singing a bit on the side when a music industry type walked into the club, heard those pipes and signed her to a record deal. Suddenly music was the main focus in her life.

It had already been a pretty interesting life too. Milman was born in Russia, but early on, moved to Israel with her family to escape anti-semitism That’s where she caught the jazz bug. By the time she moved to Canada in the late 90s, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Sarah Vaughan were like old friends. 

Sophie Milman’s debut album in 2004, when she was just 21, put her career on an international fast track. She has recorded four studio albums so far, plus a couple of live releases and a DVD. And yes, she also returned to the business books and finished that degree. Of course, she missed the ceremony. She was off singing somewhere.

posted by Carole Warren on Jul 03, 2015
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