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My Playlist with Amelia Curran

Someone once described Amelia Curran's music as "a bit like Leonard Cohen being channelled in a dusty saloon by Patsy Cline." The analogy makes sense. Curran writes elegant lyrics that can cut like a knife. Just don’t expect "and they lived happily ever after." 

For her first time hosting My Playlist, Curran has included artists that do largely the same thing: the Rheostatics, NQ Arbuckle, Diana Panton, Erin Costello and Lou Reed.

Curran released her first album in 2000 but it wasn’t until her fourth, War Brides in 2006, that she started getting some well-deserved attention. Her next album, Hunter, Hunter won a 2010 Juno for best roots and traditional album, along with a fistful of nominations at the East Coast Music Awards. That same year, she won first prize in the folk category at the USA Songwriting Competition.

Curran is also known for her work as a mental health advocate and she’s spoken openly about her own struggle with depression. Some of the tracks on her latest release, They Promised You Mercy, deal with that struggle.

Ironically, it’s probably her happiest-sounding album ever.

posted by Cathy Irving on May 20, 2016
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