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#CDNbandbeer becomes a reality

posted by CBC Music on May 10, 2013

It started as a very Canadian game for music fans and beer lovers alike: CBC Music's Grant Lawrence challenged you to mash up a Canadian band name with a beer style under the hashtag #CDNbandbeer. You responded with names like Nickelbock, Elliott Brewed and Barley Rae Jepsen.

Our senior designer, Ben Didier, came up with a set of potential labels inspired by a few of the best band beer puns. Before long, Old Yale Brewing's Jeremy Sibley was recruiting members of B.C.’s vibrant craft beer community to help make them a reality, including R&B Brewing Co., Townsite Brewing and Cannery Brewing.

Every Friday, from May 17 until June 7, a new Canadian band beer will hit shelves at private liquor stores in B.C. Click the images below to preview the labels.

D.O.Ale by Old Yale Brewing Co.
(Inspired by D.O.A)

Available May 17, this medium-bodied, classic brown ale balances its hop and malt flavours with subtle hints of chocolate. The slightly malty, lightly hopped finish has a touch of bitterness from the smooth Goldings hops. At five per cent ABV, it makes for a great session beer.

You Say Barley We Say Rye by R&B Brewing Co.
(Inspired by You Say Party)

Available May 24, this delicious IPA offers a hearty, complex flavour and aroma that is both aggressive and well balanced, reminiscent of rye or pumpernickel bread. Brewed with a generous amount of specialty malts, including U.K. pale malt and malted rye, and rounded out with a lavish quantity of hops.

Said the Ale by Townsite Brewing Inc.
(Inspired by Said the Whale)

Available May 31, this Belgian-style pale ale is brewed on the Sunshine Coast along the shores of the Salish Sea. At 5.8 per cent ABV, it’s an easy spring sipper. The low hop aroma and slightly bitter finish complement a complex background loaded with the fruity flavours of pear and orange.

Pink Mountainhops by Cannery Brewing Co.
(Inspired by Pink Mountaintops)

In Germany, maibocks are traditionally consumed in the lusty month of May. This strong, dry-hopped maibock is a full-bodied, German-style lager. Created with classic German malts and noble hops, it is a malt-forward beer with a surprising hop complexity. Available June 7.

Share your Canadian band beer names in the comments, or tweet us @CBCRadio3 with #CDNbandbeer.


#CDNbandbeer: Nickelbock, Elliott Brewed and more

Bands that brew:from AC/DC to Sting

posted by CBC Music on May 10, 2013
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