When it comes to drama, everyone always says they hate it, but really we all love it. And when it comes to drama – both inside and outside their music – it’s really hard to beat My Bloody Valentine.

This week the Irish band that hasn’t released any new music since 1991’s classic Loveless was all over the music blogs. Coming later in May the band is set to release remastered versions of their two albums, along with EPs and previously unreleased tracks. But really this is less news and more an update; this project was announced back in 2008.

Of course if you’re a fan of this band, you’ve come to expect ups and downs. Though called a masterpiece by many, the recording process of Loveless was long and expensive, apparently bankrupting the band’s label. Kevin Shields, the vocalist and guitarist of the band, is known to be a perfectionist, and with that tony label comes some very interesting music and visions.

Yesterday two versions of Loveless emerged at the Guardian music blog: “For its re-release, Kevin Shields has remastered the album from the original tapes – but he is also making available (as a second CD) a second version, a previous remastering from the original 1/2-inch analogue tapes, which he completed but never released.”

Shields is also hard at work finishing the band’s unreleased third album, started back in the mid-’90s.

Though credited with being one of the founders of the shoegaze sound – the detached, moody, wall of sound from the early ’90s – it seems that a lot was going on inside those dreamy musicians in My Bloody Valentine. Let the drama continue.

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posted by Lisa Christiansen on May 03, 2012