There have been more than a few forgettable NBA players (Troy Hudson) whose rhyme skills matched their middling play on the court. But with multimillion dollar day jobs to fall back on, no one was ever feeling sorry for former NBA All-Stars-slash-rappers Chris Webber or Allen Iverson

Arguably, the GOAT might just be ex-NBA legendary centre Shaquille O’Neal, who flaunts gold records, and Toronto legend K-Cut (from Main Source) production credits. Plus, he once asked Kobe to “tell me how my ass tastes” in rhyme. Now that’s gangsta!

In honour of the NBA playoffs, which started over the weekend, here's a look at the top three active double threats rockin' long shorts.   

1. Kobe Bryant

Bryant allegedly ratted out Shaq, cheated on his own wife and got caught, and has five (count ’em) NBA Championship rings. He is a thug poet.



2. Metta World Peace (a.k.a. Ron Artest)

Before the fights with fans in the stands, and name changes (Metta World Peace!), Artest was repping Queensbridge, New York City, much like Capone-N-Noreaga. Thorough.



3. Kevin Durant

Durant is the most gifted scorer in the NBA right now (sorry, LeBron, Kobe). Is he the best combo baller/rapper of today? Maybe not so much (just yet).



Bonus track (for Quebec): Tony Parker

OK, so Parker is from France, allegedly pulled a Kobe on ex-wife and Desperate Housewives hottie Eva Longoria, flaunts three championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs. And now he’s the greatest NBA MC en français of all time!



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posted by Dalton Higgins on May 01, 2012