Pet peeves. Beefs. Goat-getters. Gear-grinders. Wrong-way-rubbings.

OK, maybe that last one is a stretch, but you see what I'm driving at.

The Listener Co-Host did not come to fruitation so I'm going to use today's show to pilot an idea that I've been mulling for awhile.

We all have pet peeves, correct? Some revolve around driving. Others around social behaviour. Still more centre on bad grammar and the misuse of our language (like making up words like "fruitation").

This idea came to me whilst on a recent escalator ride when, at the bottom, the two gentlemen in front of me decided to stop right there and begin a conversation. I made an exasperated sound, maybe cursed, and made my way around them. They seemed oblivious to the fact that dozens more people were behind them.

I started to think that maybe I'm too on edge. Maybe I need sleep? Maybe I need to relax?

No. I don't think I'm alone in this. As you'll hear in today's show, many of you seem to have just as many "beefs" as I do.

Over the past few days, I put the call out on my twitter and facebook page asking for your beefs..and you answered in droves! They're all in today's show!

If you didn't get your pet peeve to me, get into the comments below and let us have it! This could very well become a semi-regular show!

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posted by Craig Norris on Apr 26, 2012