Glenn Danzig: music legend, internet meme and a man who usually wears less than 35 per cent shirt. Over the last few years the former Misfits frontman has been appearing online in fan videos and Photoshopped hilarity. Of course he hates it, the man can’t buy kitty litter without going viral.

Below are six great Danzig memes, from “singing” with Shakira to grocery lists to being a unit of measurement.


Helpful Kitchen Danzig

Use applesauce in place of oil when baking to cut down on the fat content. 



Shakira featuring Danzig, "Hips Don't Lie"


via yex13/ Youtube


Glenn Danza/ Tony Danzig

Via Reddit


Danzig, a unit of measurement

via Hudson Hongo


Danzig buying kitty litter

via LA Weekly


Glenn Danzig grocery shopping list

via Southbound Cinema/ Youtube


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posted by Lana Gay on Apr 25, 2012