CHART #290

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I'm not quite sure of the proper greeting for 4/20. Whatever it is, if you observe this day, I offer the appropriate greeting to you!

Throughout the show, besides counting down this week's top songs on CBC Radio 3, I'll also be counting down the songs that you voted as your Top Songs To Celebrate 4/20. The R3-30's producer, Pedro Mendes, seems to have no real idea what this day represents.

He's a square, obviously.

There will also be five debuts on the chart, resulting in a chat with David Prowse from Japandroids who answers The R3-30 FunClub Question of the Week. Paul Saulnier from PS I Love You will also be on the line, chatting about his 4/20 tradtions!

On next week's show, our countdown within a countdown will be the top songs that recently only made it to number 2 on the chart; "Second Bananas", as it were. We want you to help by voting on those. Head to The R3-30 FunClub and make your voice heard!

Um, I suggest you do it before 4:20 today. Otherwise, it might not get done. Just sayin'.

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posted by Craig Norris on Apr 20, 2012