Howdy, folks! Happy Tuesday to you all. Oh, and Happy Gordon Lightfoot Day too.

Yes, you heard me right. It's Gordon Lightfoot day here at CBC Music. Why? Well, today marks the release of Gord's new album Massey Hall Moments: All Live which features a selection of songs he performed in concert between 1988 and 2001, each handpicked by the man himself.

So, we're celebrating.

If I asked you to name one or two Lightfoot songs, would you be able to? Would you need to read my mind, love, or wait until sundown to think of one? That's okay. Heck, to some of you, Lightfoot is probably "adult" music, music that your parents listened to growing up. Right? 

On the other hand, I wonder if the lines that once separated "parent's music" and "kid's music" have started to blur. After all, Feist did win the Juno for "Adult Alternative" this year. Sounds to me like she's got something for everyone--she's both adult AND alternative. Which brings me to our poll question...


Do you listen to what your parents listen to? Do they listen to what you listen to? Own some of the same records? Share MP3s? Do you go to concerts together? When it comes to what's good music and what isn't, do you agree or not? 

Post your comments on the blog or Tweet us @cbcradio3 or email me, and we'll discuss your views throughout the show.

And if you ARE a fan of Gordon Lightfoot, what's your favorite song of his, anyway?

Plus, Top 50 voting continues until noon Pacific today for Tracks on Tracks.

Photo via The Acid Sweat Lodge

posted by Tariq Hussain on Apr 24, 2012