Amplifier creator Jim Marshall passes away, the Jackson 4 tours and Britney and Madonna reminisce about the kiss

Jim Marshall, creator of the Marshall amplifier, has passed away at the age of 88. Known as “the Father of Loud,” Marshall developed the iconic amplifiers in the 1960s as an affordable alternative to American amps. Marshall amps have become a part of the definitive rock ‘n’ roll sound, used by the likes of Pete Townshend of the Who, Jimi Hendrix and Slash.

The Jackson 5 are getting ready to head out on their first tour in 28 years. While they are only four since the death of brother Michael, the remaining Jacksons will be performing classic hits like “ABC” and “I’ll Be There” and honouring the legacy of their late brother. If you’re hoping to see Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie and Tito, you’ll have to make a trip south of the border. The U.S.-only Unity tour kicks off in Louisville, Kentucky, on June 18.

Britney Spears and Madonna took to Twitter yesterday to reminisce about their famous onstage kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. It all started with Britney complementing Madonna on her new album, and Madonna replied, “Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!” Christina Aguilera may have also replied, but the camera missed it. The famous kiss will celebrate its ninth anniversary in August.

posted by Dave Shumka on Apr 05, 2012