The Weeknd contributes guest vocals to Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album as well as some collaborations with AraabMuzikPitchfork

Grimes confirmed to perform at Pasadena’s free Make Music fest, June 16LA Times

Men Without Hats announces the release of a new album, Love in the Age of War, coming May 22; hear the first single “Head Above Water” – TO Snobs

Leeroy Stagger announces tour dates in support of the release of his 7th album, Radiant Land, coming May 15 via Gold Lake/ Universal MusicExclaim!

Regina’s Rah Rah announce the release of a new 7” coming June 12 via Hidden PonyExclaim!

Sun Wizard’s Malcolm Jack’s side project, Capitol 6, announces the release of their debut full length, Pretty Lost, coming June 12 via Light Organ RecordsExclaim!

Hear Grimes’ remix of Cadence Weapon’s “Conditioning” – Chart

Hear The Dudes’ new album, Barbers, Thieves, and BartendersAUX

Hear a new PS I Love You track called “Don’t Go” – Pitchfork

Hear a new Muneshine track called “Lower Level” – Bandcamp

Watch the new Zeus video for “Let It Go, Don’t Let It Go” – CoS

Watch the new Cold Specks video for “Blank Maps” – AUX

Watch the new Capitol 6 video for “Just a Puzzle” – vimeo

Watch Odonis Odonis perform at Cinecyclevimeo

How to get your music placed in video gamesMTT

Ten Classic rock jams that need to dieThe Daily Swarm

Sound exploration: hear what a text conversation sounds like translated into musicRaisa Park

iTunes announces they have amassed a library of over 28 million songs which would take a human being more than 266years to complete from front to finishDMN

Vivendi considers breaking up the Universal Music Group - Hypebot

posted by Mary-Anne Korosi on Apr 26, 2012