In case you’re not familiar with our shuffle playlist column, we ask musicians to put their iPods on shuffle and share the first set of tracks that play out. It’s usually a good indicator of an artist’s music tastes (and guilty pleasures). But since Kinnie Starr’s iPod came preloaded with songs from her older brother Russ, we get to see just how much the singer-songwriter has relied on family to define her musical vocabulary.

“My older brother has always had a great ear for music, and it's kind of appropriate to be acknowledging his influence,” says Starr. “My upcoming album is a major nod to old-school hip-hop, new wave and pop, and some of the songs are written for my niece and nephew and brother in an attempt to get them to love auntie Kinnie's music.”

1. “Wavin' Flag”  

“I remember when K'naan was coming up, and he and I and Buck 65 were often put on the same bills at festivals since we are all sort of hip-hop, but a bit too arty and intelligent to just be gangster.”

2. “Live Your Life”   
T.I. ft. Rihanna
“This song reminds me of what I love about my big brother. He loves hip-hop and pop, and is an ambitious business man. He has made himself into a wealthy man and takes care of his family with a playful spirit and attention to detail.”

3. “Use Somebody”  
Kings of Leon

“Kings of Leon are one of the only bands other than Cee Lo and Cool Kids to enter my music catalogue over the last five years. Kings of Leon are worth the exhaustion of combing for new music because the emotional value of the songs soars.”

4. “The Fear”  
Lily Allen

“I was not surprised to see Lily Allen in my brother's playlist. He always liked female artists, and Lily Allen is sassy, smart and fun.”

5. “Express Yourself”  

“This song in particular takes me right back to trying to lock and pop like a pro. I was real skinny as a child, so breakdancing wasn't really possible, but locking and popping looked good on a scrawny kid like me. This song reminds me of that freedom, as well as why I loved and continue to love rap music. Such fun rhymes!”


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posted by Elliott Garnier on Apr 03, 2012