When I think of quintessentially American classical music, I think of wide open spaces, and of the world being a place of endless possibilities.

Listening to the music of Samuel Barber or Aaron Copland makes it easy to imagine soaring above an American landscape of vast plains and rolling hills, and being able to see the world spread out around you for miles and miles and miles.

This week on In Concert it's my pleasure to present to you a concert of American masterworks by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, including Barber's Violin Concerto with soloist Augustin Hadelich, and Aaron Copland's immortal ballet Appalachian Spring.

For the quiz, I'm continuing with last week's theme: travel destinations immortalized in music. This time, instead of the UK, we are celebrating the US.

AYour challenge is to identify the American travel destinations named in the titles of three musical examples (separated by the sound of a bell.)


Don't answer here on the blog. Email your answers to inconcert@cbc.ca. Three correct entrants will win a recently released classical CD.

Last week's quiz celebrated UK travel destinations that have been immortalized in music. The correct answers were Dover, the Hebrides (or Fingal's Cave) and Loch Lomond. The winners are Weiming Zhao of Brandon, MB; Susan Howlett of Roblin, ON; and Donald Hickerson of London, ON.

posted by Paolo Pietropaolo on Apr 20, 2012