He wasn’t Mexican, but Herb Alpert cultivated the look and sound of Mexican music in a way that had huge appeal to audiences in North America and beyond.

It all started back in 1962, with a song called “The Lonely Bull.” It was a top 10 hit and launched the career of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. If you’re not a baby boomer, you may know their music thanks to references on The Simpsons. If you aren’t familiar with the Tijuana Brass sound, it’s worth a listen now. 

Here are seven reasons to love Herb Alpert:

  1. He just turned 77 years of age. It’s his lucky year!
  2. Alpert gave us one of the sexiest album covers of all time. (See above.)
  3. His band, the Tijuana Brass, struck the perfect balance between kitsch and art, selling millions of records of instrumental music.
  4. His version of a great Burt Bacharach song, “This Guy’s in Love with You,” is the original.
  5. He reinvested in the music business with a label called A&M (Alpert & Moss) that signed a diverse roster of artists, including Cat Stevens, Supertramp, the Police, Bryan Adams and many more.
  6. Alpert has donated millions of dollars to music programs at two different California universities.
  7. Let’s celebrate him for lookin’ good as a young dude and for aging gracefully.

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posted by Jon Siddall on Apr 10, 2012