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Here’s a question we posed to the nominees in the Juno’s world music album of the year category: If you had the chance to talk with Juno awards show host, William Shatner, what would you want him to know about your music?

So Called:

I'd love to see Bill's reaction to my use of Yiddish and Jewish music to make catchy, fat, stupid, poppy music for today. He grew up in Jewish Montreal and I bet he can hold a pretty good conversation in the mame loshn. And he probably practiced his Yiddish with Spock — Leonard Nimoy — on the Enterprise quite a bit, too. He would dig it.

Kiran Ahluwalia: [WINNER]

Captain Kirk doesn’t have to trek the stars to find my music  — it is terrestrial and indeed from his very own country.

Aline Morales:

The girl who designed the CD artwork had a big picture of him on her desktop, so I'm sure he made it into the album in spirit!

Aboulaye Koné Moriké:

Mandinka is one of the most respected West African musical styles. It was played first by the griots for the kings. With my music, I want to offer three colours of mandinka: a hint of percussion to awaken the ancestors, just enough electric to tickle modern Africa, and a bit of acoustic to recreate the gentle mood of a chat beneath a baobab tree.

We also asked our world music nominees (a tad more seriously): Why do you think the Junos should pay as much attention to world music bands as they do to, say, bands like Nickelback?


"World music" is a crazy term. What isn't "world" music? Where does all the other music come from? Well, I think the Junos should pay attention to all types of good music, and perhaps support forms that don't necessarily get the vast airtime and exposure that super pop acts enjoy. That being said, I think it's the responsibility of the artist to make music that could appeal to a mass audience, even if it is in a form not usually touted in the mainstream.

Kiran Ahluwalia:

The musical platform of rock and pop has already been established, but in world music there is greater potential for innovation; there is a greater chance to discover something totally new and exhilarating and unexpected.

Aline Morales:

Because there are a lot of talented musicians making amazing music in Canada's world music scene who don't always get recognized in the mainstream media.

Aboulaye Koné Moriké:

World music is a representation of today's cultural diversity. And the fact that there is a world music category in the Junos is proof that the artists chosen really are being recognized for their work. For me, it's really moving.  

And finally, we asked our nominees where they would put the Juno statuette, if they win it.

So Called:

My Juno, when (not if) I win it, will be proudly displayed on a custom marble, velvet and chrome altar, which I have commissioned from a Neapolitan sculptor, fitted with a motor that slowly revolves the statuette lit from above from three angles. This altar will be installed in my country home's arboretum.

Kiran Ahluwalia:

Right beside my other Juno. (At my parents’ house, on top of my Dad's gigantic TV.)

Aline Morales:

In a spot on my windowsill where I keep the objects that have importance in my life.

Aboulaye Koné Moriké:

I would sleep with it at least two weeks. Is two weeks enough? A month! Then, I would put it in a place where my kids can see it. 

Azam Ali, the final Juno nominee in the category of best world music album was unable to take part in our Q&A. But we feel certain that her “dedication to defy cultural specificity in music,” as it says in her website bio, would be right up Shatner’s alley.

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William Shatner’s world music Junos cheat sheet

Here’s a question we posed to the nominees in the Juno’s world music album of the year category: If y…


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