Tonight is the big night for Canadian film, as the 32nd annual Genie Awards hand out the hardware to the best performances in Canadian cinema. And music will be front and centre during the award ceremonies, which you can watch at 8 p.m. ET on CBC.

Country star Johnny Reid, Saskatchewan rockers The Sheepdogs, and global phenomenon K’naan will augment the broadcast with live musical performances at the Genies, honouring the best achievements in Canadian film. Plus, a special tribute to this year’s best original song nominees will be presented by figure skating stars Joannie Rochette, Jamie Salé and David Pelletier.

But that won't be the only showcase of musical talent. Below, check out the nominees for best original songs. All of these songs can be found on the artists' pages on CBC Music.


Jay Brannan, "My Love, My Love" from Cloudburst.

Jay Brannan is a New York-based singer, songwriter and actor. He played the role of Ceth in the film Shortbus, which also featured his song "Soda Shop".


Carole Facal, "Quelque Part" from Starbuck.

Carole Facal, better known as Caracol, is a singer-songwriter based in Montreal. She fell into songwriting by accident after moving to B.C. to pursue a career in snowboarding.


Malajube, "Oeil pour Oeil" from Good Neighbours.

Malajube is a francophone indie rock band based in Montreal. Previously, they provided the soundtrack for the 2009 comedy The Trotsky.


Steven Page, "A Different Sort of Solitude" from French Immersion.

Steven Page has had a long successful career in music, both as a solo artist and a member of the Barenaked Ladies. He is no stranger to the dramatic arts, either. He has composed the score for three productions at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.


Jean Robitaille, Steve Galluccio and Kim Richardson, "Waiting for your Touch" from Funkytown.

Kim Richardson has tried her hand at all sorts of music: rock, pop, disco, house, R&B, funk, gospel, jazz, country and even classical. Teaming up with Jean Robitaille and Steve Galluccio to write "Waiting for your Touch" was yet another in a long line of new challenges.

Tune in to CBC tonight at 8 p.m. ET to see who wins. Let us know who your favourite is in the comment section below.

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posted by Mike Miner on Mar 07, 2012