Well, that was a quick two weeks. And here I am back to work from vacation on a rainy Vancouver Monday. In my mind I’m still in Hawaii, on a beach, reading trashy mags and pondering another day of the same. But really, really I’m in the studio and I am very glad to be back… okay – I’m good with it. Yeah, that’s it. 

Truly, I am most glad to be back with all of you and get our thinking hats back on together.As you can well imagine I had a lot of time to read these past few weeks, and that included catching up on the New Yorker subscription I thought would be so great but instead made me feel like I was back in university trying to stay on top of the reading list.

But I did it, and one particular article caught my attention. Writer John Seabrook put together a great piece on the science of hit making, specifically for Rihanna. What really jumped out at me was this quote:

“It’s not enough to have one hook anymore,” Jay Brown, the president of Roc Nation. “You’ve got to have a hook in the intro, a hook in the pre-chorus, a hook in the chorus, and a hook in the bridge.” The reason, he explained, is that “people on average give a song seven seconds on the radio before they change the channel, and you got to hook them.”

Wow, only seven seconds! I’ve never really timed myself when it comes to hearing a new song, I’d like to think I give it at least 30 seconds.

And you:


By the end of the show we be able to come up with a new average for Radio 3 listeners. We’re already above most anyway! 

Photo by picanspoints

posted by Lisa Christiansen on Mar 26, 2012