How does one become a style icon? First: you can’t try – well, not too hard. You have to know and love fashion, and then pretty much disregard it.

This also might describe how you become a revered anything, especially in music. As a singer or musician, you have to know and respect something from the past, but then you must trudge forward with your own ideas and passions.

As it turns out, Claire Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, has become pretty good at both. The Montreal-based singer’s latest album is called Visions, and was written during a three-week self-imposed exile in a room with no light. A roommate made sure Boucher had food from time to time. [listen to "Genesis" by Grimes.]

For the past year Boucher, 23, has been pretty visible. Interview Magazine culled a few words to describe her sound: "indecipherable," and "otherworldly.” These words could also be used to describe her fashion sense. It all worked well enough for Nylon Magazine to call her one of its It Girls.
“That was cool,” Boucher said during a phone call while on tour. “That was not something I expected going into this, but it’s been an interesting thing that has developed.”[listen: Grimes speaks about her recent relationship with fashion.]

Boucher doesn’t feel it’s necessarily important for a woman to consider her image in music, but it is as a pop artist. And she is most definitely working her way to becoming an interesting hybrid of indie cool and pop smarts. 

Boucher’s interest in fashion also resulted in an invite to New York Fashion Week, documented at

The true mark of success, however, comes when you start getting detractors. Over at the blog Hipster Runoff the question is asked: “Is Grimes the next BIG Indie Diva or an over-hyped product of the Corrupt Indie Machine?”
Boucher only has to stay the course to put that question to rest.

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posted by Lisa Christiansen on Mar 08, 2012