Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to Hump Day on The Craig Norris Hour!

Around these parts, we refer to it as Water Cooler Wednesday; the day when this blog entry becomes the outlet for all of those topics that astound and/or confound you. Arsenio Hall used to call them "Things That Make You Go Hmmm". Arsenio Hall makes me go "hmmmm", actually.

But here are some topics that caught my eye. Feel free to expound on them, or take us off in an entirely different direction!

:: Didja hear CBC has a new music site?
:: Lost "Here Comes The Sun" solo
:: Justin, Justin, Justin...

But it's not all about the Water Cooler! In the final hour I'll be chatting with Joel Plaskett as we celebrate the R3 premiere of the sixth song in The Joel Plaskett Emergency "Rock & Roll in Record Time" initiative! It's a short, trippy little thing call "Somewhere Else"!

posted by Craig Norris on Feb 15, 2012