With the Polaris Music Prize 2011 gala fast approaching, everyone is talking about what records they think should win, which records they think were unfairly left off the list, and which records don't deserve it at all. No other music prize in the country seems to create this much discussion, and that suits Steve Jordan, Founder and Executive Director of the Polaris Prize, fine.

A former radio DJ and record executive, Steve started the Polaris Prize in 2006. Since then, the Polaris has increased in stature every year, developing a reputation for daring and surprising winners, and infuriating a lot of people along the way.

Steve and I are headed to Chew Chew's Diner in Toronto's historic Cabbagetown neightbourhood, where I'm hoping to get his take on all the craziness surrounding the prize every year. 

I know a lot of blog listeners have been vocal about their opinions of how the Polaris operates, so maybe today I'll have some answers for you!

What are YOU having for breakfast?

posted by Graham Wright on Aug 25, 2011