As a founding member of Broken Social Scene (not to mention indie label Arts & Crafts), it's safe to say that Kevin Drew benefited from his arts education. It's the reason he's such a big proponent of MusiCounts, a non-profit organization that gives kids in under-served communities across Canada the chance to learn how to play music. 

In light of MusiCounts recently announcing $200,000 in grants to 15 recipients, which includes community centres, after-school programs and other community non-profit organizations, we asked Drew for 10 reasons kids should learn an instrument. Here they are, in his words, below.

1. It takes your vanity into a whole new direction filled with emotion and self-importance, thus giving you a confidence that people refer to as "cool."

2. You can impress people with your knowledge of cover songs at campfires.

3. You can write ballads for your boyfriend/girlfriend and apologize for messing up while enlightening the situation with your use of chord structure and key changes.

4. Closing your eyes and listening to sounds is the closest you will get to meeting a god.

5. Connection with others is huge through music. Finding people to "jam" with is most important and helps you find your own voice and teaches you how to transcend while screaming at the top of your lungs.

6. If you practise hard enough you can travel all over the world.

7. Quarterbacks usually last for a couple of seasons where as music lasts forever.

8. Do you really want to work at an office?

9. You never feel lonely when you are playing an instrument.

10. Actors throw terrible parties.

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posted by Jesse Kinos-Goodin on Sep 04, 2013