Once upon a time, "electronic" was a dirty word. Rock purists wouldn’t dare taint their sound with a synthesizer, no matter how vintage and warm. Those who did listen often indulged after the midnight hour.

Today, there’s a whole ecosystem of artists that openly borrow from electronic music’s best practices — its sonic innovations and carefully crafted sounds — and marry them with those of traditional songwriting, using harmony and the human voice to convey emotion.

Even orchestral-rock champions Arcade Fire are utilizing the rich sonic palette of synths and glitch to expand the possibilities of their songs. 

Still, as much as electronic music has evolved into something bigger, garnering a much larger audience, not everyone's convinced. For those not quite ready to plunge deep into the electronic music scene, but who may be willing to get their feet wet, here are 10 artists that could lure you to the other side. 


This playlist moves from more groove-focused moveable tunes by Jessy Lanza and Arcade Fire to more atmospheric, contemplative songs by Ev Ree Wuhn and Rhye. 

Has this list turned your hate into love? Discuss why they may or may not have sold you on electronic music, in the comments section below. Do share any artists you feel should've made the list.

posted by Alanna Stuart on Oct 01, 2013