Each day, Radio 2 Morning starts your day with music and stories about the interesting things going on in the world. Now, you can follow along at home. Today Pete Morey fills in for Tom Power. Here are the stories we're talking about today.

Pete Morey's favourite song on Radio 2 right now.

If you argue with your partner about the temperature in your house, it might be because of the biological differences between men and women.

The NYC Public Library is selling off its vinyl collection.

This Vietnamese father and son have lived in the jungle for four decades.

If you've hiked or run the 'Grouse Grind,' you know it's not exactly easy. Well how about doing it 16 times in one day.

You won't want to get on the bad side of an elephant. They're serious about revenge.

The Hamilton man just can't stop dancing.

What were you doing when you were 19. This Australian kid is flying around the world, solo.

Read an interview with the Screaming Eagle of Soul, Charles Bradley.

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posted by Pete Morey on Aug 13, 2013