Each day, Rich Terfry and Radio 2 Drive wraps up your day with music and stories about the interesting things going on in the world. Here are the stories we're talking about today.  



Song of the Summer? Best Summer Song: We went to social media and got your responses! Today, the best of the bunch.



Rear-View Mirror: Every week, Rich Terfry looks back in our Rear-view Mirror at a great song from the good ol’ days. This week, Jonathan Richman was a guy who was really into the Velvet Underground. His non-rock n roll attitude made for a sound all his own. The Modern Lovers and "Roadrunner."

Listen and learn more here!


Live At 5: A song for summer! From their Live in New York City album, it's Dave Matthews Band.


Distant Cousins: Every night on Drive we feature two songs that sound somewhat similar. Maybe one copied another as something of an homage, maybe it was done inadvertently. Today: Beach Boys "Surfin USA" vs. Chuck Berry "Sweet Little Sixteen."



How baby goats make friends:

The thing that has been chasing all the deer away:

A failed robbery attempt:

posted by Mark Wigmore on Aug 23, 2013