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On Radio 2 Weekend Morning, Molly Johnson eases you into your weekend with some great Canadian songs and stories about musicians and the people of Canada, from coast to coast to coast.

Here are some of the features and stories we're looking at this weekend.

Saturday July 13

We Got the Funk 

In honour of the summer trip to an amusement park, we're playing a funky ride from the Ohio Players, "Love Rollercoaster". The first 'coaster was patented in the late 1800s, so join in on the tradition.


If you're looking for a playlist of songs of the summer, look no further. CBC Music is your source for the biggest tunes of the summer from around the world. Make sure to see what Canadians made the list.

CBC Music is also counting down the best 100 Canadian Albums of All Time. Every week since July began, we've been adding 20 more albums to the list. Make sure to check it out, as folks from Jill Barber, to Russell Crowe are giving their reasons why specific Canadian albums deserve their acclaim. Check out the most recent, as we've made it from 100 all the way to 61.

You can never say enough good things about people using their power for good. Maybe there is something you can do as well. Take a look through War Child's cause, and see if today is the day you take steps to better the world.

What is an indie band, really? Are they artists printing off their own album art, picking up boxes of albums, and passing out fliers on the street? One of the most influential "indie" labels of all time has just turned 25. Head over to CBC Music and learn a bit about Sub Pop Records and the concept of the indie record label.

Jenn Grant is a great Canadian artist using her powers for good, bringing attention to the Canadian arm of Save the Children. Keep the ball rolling, Jenn!

The kids are home for the summer, and every once in a while you just NEED to turn on the TV to give yourself a break. Why not tune into CBC Kids? Mamma Yamma is always bringing on great musicians, and CBC favourites, to play live on her show. Check out Sam Roberts covering "Me and Julio Down By the School Yard": 

And if camping is your thing, beware this year. The bears out west are getting a bit more aggressive than usual, so don't take any shortcuts. Make sure your food is hung in a tree, and if you see a bear the worst thing you can do is throw any sort of food its way. Safety and caution first. 

Sunday July 14

Sunday Soul Selection

Remember when President Barack Obama sing/hummed a little bit of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"? Turns out he did it with the Reverend Al Green in the audience. That adds a bit of pressure to the President's rendition. Let's let Al do the singing this time.

You probably know Ron Hawkins as the former lead of iconic Canadian band Lowest of the Low. But did you know he can paint? In between songwriting, recording, and touring, Hawkins manages to create some beautiful, unique portraits.

Danny Michel is an incredible musician, but he takes great pride in surrounding himself with great company. Lately, he has been recording and touring with Belize's Garifuna Collective. Take a step inside the creative process, and see for yourself the magic of this worldly group:

We'd love to hear your comments about these features. Or let us know what funk, soul or kids songs you'd like to hear on the show by leaving your comments below.

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R2 Weekend Morning roundup for Saturday and Sunday July 13 and 14

On Radio 2 Weekend Morning, Molly Johnson eases you into your weekend with some great Canadian songs…


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#1 posted by
on Jul 14, 2013

Where have you been for the last week? Mejantic? All you had to do was think gigantic. By the way, it's not Kwaybec; it's Québec, pronounced Kaybec in case no one has told you yet. The word is a phonetic translation of what the Algonquins indians gave Samuel de Champlain about that place in the St-Laurence river where it is narrower. Believe me, if they had said Kwaybec as you like to say, he would have written it Quouébec. I would have liked if he heard that; just to see how you would try to anglicize it. You have a nice platform there to address your listeners and should try to be more informed about the places you speak of. Man, even the guy doing the news knows how to say Mégantic.

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