Saturday, April 20, 2013, is Record Store Day! Music nerds around the globe will flock to record stores for in-store performances, deals and the good ol’ record shop experience. Surely you might pick up a new album or two, but when it comes to your music collection, what was the first record you ever bought?

Was it something you’re now ashamed of? Or perhaps it was an album that became a huge musical influence. (Or maybe you picked up a Mini Pops cassette at a Becker's like I did, whichever!)

We asked some great Canadian artists about the first record they bought and what it means to them. Flip through the gallery above to see which albums left their mark and which albums are likely in a box somewhere in their parents’ basement. 

This post will be Radio 3's editorial focus for the day. Hosts Lana Gay, Graham Wright and Raina Douris will be talking first records all day long.


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posted by Lana Gay on Apr 18, 2013