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Artists: Zodiac Trio: Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet; Vanessa Mollard, violin; Riko Higuma, piano.

Repertoire: Trios by Igor Stravinsky, Nicolas Bacri, Galina Ustvolskaya and Béla Bartók.

Label: Blue Griffin.

Call them just a bunch of crazy kids, but the members of the Zodiac Trio − clarinetist Kliment Krylovskiy, violinist Vanessa Mollard and pianist Riko Higuma − have set out on an admittedly Quixotic musical mission: to make this relatively rare combination of instruments a permanent fixture of the chamber music establishment. These talented American-educated players admit that the chamber world belongs to the string quartet and the piano trio. But, they hope, not for long.

With their debut recording, the Zodiac Trio makes a compelling case for the appeal of this unusual crowd. "We learned," they note, "that the originally thought-to-be disadvantageous mix of two soprano instruments so different in timbre can in fact be a difference to celebrate − an infinite palette of colours at our fingertips when presented correctly." And boldly.

Things get started with Stravinsky's Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano from L'histoire du soldat, a snappy arrangement played with devilish panache. The intense, idiosyncratic music of Galina Ustvolskaya, the long-neglected doyenne of Soviet composers, is here, along with Bartók's Contrasts, written originally for the American jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman.

And there's a new discovery, at least for North Americans. It's the music of French composer Nicolas Bacri, represented by his neo-classical pastiche entitled A Smiling Suite, played with finesse and easy charm.

While not exactly storming the barricades, the Zodiac Trio makes a compelling case for the clarinet trio. Interesting repertoire, expertly played, certainly helps win the battle.

Listen:Bacri: A Smiling Suite



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posted by Denise Ball on Mar 03, 2013