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THE BACKGROUND CHECK: At 5:15 p.m. today, listen for Three stories about the Jackson 5. One of them is true.  If you can guess, send your answer to Twitter, Facebook, or email r2drive@cbc.ca

REAR-VIEW MIRROR: Rich Terfry reaches into his record collection and takes a closer look at how Radiohead made a 3-part prog rock masterpiece with "Paranoid Android".  Click here to read the entire story.

TASTES OF THE TOUR BUS: Mark Wigmore and Miranda Mulholland (Great Lake Swimmers) have teamed up to bring you a new series where artists and bands recommend restaurants they have road-tested while on tour. Today, Danny Michel on Sushi, Ethiopian and even food from Belize as he explores Tastes of the Tour Bus.



After years of competing with the next door neighbor's elaborate Christmas light displays, this household gets creative.

This cat hates to be a nuisance...

Great moments in volleyball - three heads are better than one:

Family cat wrestles boy to the ground:

The Dutch have come up with a better burglar alarm:




3:40 p.m.

Check out what our pals at CBC's 'This Is That' are up to. People are buying that dogs need to be able to read in English and French!!

4:10 p.m.

Should Easy-Bake ovens be marketed to boys? Top chefs think so.

5:10 p.m.

For this dart game, Jesus was escorted out of the building.

6:10 p.m.

Doing the time warp through Argentina!

New Music today from K'Naan, Jenn Grant, Phillip Phillips & The Wallflowers

Holiday Music from The Shins, Run DMC, Cee Lo Green & Skydiggers

posted by Mark Wigmore on Dec 13, 2012