Do you happen to recall the Michael Jackson documentary, Living With Michael Jackson? During one scene in a Las Vegas mall, Jackson waves his hands around a specialty shop, softly declaring, “This one, that one,” “Yoo-hoo, and this.” He drops a few million in a matter of minutes. Minutes! An $89,000 Siamese chess set — why not? Half a million on two giant urns he already has? They’re for the other house, silly.

We aren't all millionaires (nor ever will be), but it sure is fun to look for the most awesome and outrageous items to buy this holiday season. Of course, if I had a million dollars, I'd be more charitable and try to be a better human than this, but let's just play pretend and be frivolous. Why? Because there is a bronze bust of Bruce Springsteen for sale, that’s why.

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posted by Lana Gay on Dec 13, 2012