CHART #287


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 Have you caught Juno fever? If your answer is "yes", then The R3-30 may just have the cure!

On Sunday night, the Juno Awards will be handed out in Ottawa, Ontario, and we're excited here at R3 because thirty of the artists we play are nominated this year! Now, I don't know if this means that the Junos are finally cool, or R3 isn't anymore.

I'd like to think the former.

Besides counting down the top songs on our network, I'll also be revealing the indie artists that you would most like to see win a Juno - based on your voting at The R3-30 FunClub.

I'll also have a chat with Gavin Gardiner from The Wooden Sky about his passion for collecting a certain musical instrument. (HINT: It's not a zither.)

So, sit back, relax and take The R3-30 to cool your Juno Fever!

posted by Craig Norris on Mar 30, 2012