CHART #284

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Every week, Mr. Mendes and I hunker down in this studio and present to you the most popular music on CBC Radio 3. It's something that we take very seriously, even though we often cut the stress with comedy jokes. It's our way.

This edition of The R3-30 takes a look at which songs you, the visitors to, love the most. You express that love by hitting the "Thumbs Up" icon in the player up there whenever you hear a song that you like. We've compiled those numbers over the past year, and we'll reveal them - in descending order of adoration level - today! Some of the artists may surprise you as much as who didn't make the list!

Listen carefully, too, because I'll be giving you a chance to win the new album by Trust, who just happen to be our highest debuting artist this week! It could require some creative writing by you.

posted by Craig Norris on Mar 09, 2012