CBC Music welcomes the monumental blues talent of Dayna Kurtz to our roster of artists sharing their music with fans around the world. As Kurtz joins the CBC Blues community, she brings with her a brand new release, Secret Canon Vol. 2, which you can stream below.


Secret Canon Vol. 2
Dayna Kurtz
Stream until July 30

Having spent most of her life in the New Jersey and New York areas, Kurtz relocated to New Orleans a year ago. Her predilection for living in “new” places is rather ironic when you consider that Kurtz’s new disc, Secret Canon Vol. 2, is a collection of old songs. The selections, from the American blues songbook dating from the '40s to the '60s, are likely to be new to a lot of listeners. These lesser known gems include tracks like “So Glad” by Eddie Bo, “Reconsider Me” from Johnny Adams and “Same Time, Same Place” recorded in 1967 by Mable John.

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It is often said that blues is a music of joy as much as it is of sorrow. Kurtz has the fortitude to personify that notion. The choice to relocate to New Orleans came as Kurtz and her husband split up. A move to the crescent city had always been a goal, and in conjunction with the breakup and move was this latest recording project. Though there is a suitable amount of melancholy included in Secret Canon Vol.2, the joy Kurtz has realized with these pivotal life changes shines through powerfully.


Dayna Kurtz
posted by Chris Martin on Jul 23, 2013