Watermelon Slim is the definition of a 21st century renaissance man.

When in Quebec, he speaks French to his audience with his gravelly Oklahoma twang. He got into college on a fencing scholarship. He is a Vietnam War vet who sings Vietnam War protest songs. Watermelon Slim is a multi-award-winning songwriter, guitarist and bandleader who has driven a truck, officiated at funerals, sold firewood and, on occasion in his younger days, broken the law to earn a living.

Bull Goose Rooster is the ninth disc in 10 years from Watermelon Slim. His first disc, Merry Airbrakes, was released some 30 years prior to that, in 1973, as a solo effort. Each disc expands the diversity of Slim’s interests and musical influences.

Slim, whose real name is Bill Homans, is fabled to have once been a member of Mensa — a rumour he flatly denies. Whether schooled or self-taught, the breadth of knowledge and experiences that he brings to his songwriting belies the musical persona of the guitar-playing watermelon picker.


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posted by Chris Martin on Jun 18, 2013