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It's LOVE MONTH! Dedicate your favourite Radio 2 song to a loved one for Valentine's Day. CALL 1-855-265-8161 and leave us a message explaining why YOUR someone deserves a special dedication. (You've got until midnight February 13th)

A link to this year's Superbowl commercials before you watch the game.

The Google driver-less car.

Check out the show Radio 2 Top 20, your votes count!

Nominate your favourite East Coast song for the 25th anniversary of the East Coast Music Awards.

Here's a study for you and your heart. Are you willing to cut meat out of your life?

Maybe you live in Windsor, Ontario or know someone who does. Are you suddenly more popular with the Superbowl this weekend? The American commercials are the best part right?

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posted by Tom Power on Jan 31, 2013