"A great composer, like a Chopin or a Beethoven, are the most successful human beings that ever existed," explains pianist Janina Fialkowska, "because their whole life was to produce beauty."

"Beauty of this kind is vital," she continues, "because if you absorb beauty from nature, if you absorb beauty from art, if you absorb particularly beauty from music which is the most abstract of all, then it fills your soul and, well, it counterbalances all the horror that's around. […] My ambition is just to play as beautifully as I can. That's what I want to do above everything else."

Come experience the beauty in person as the CBC/McGill Series welcomes Janina Fialkowska (McGill's 2013 Dorothy Morton Visiting Artist) to Pollack Hall in Montreal on Monday, Feb. 25 at 7:30 p.m. for a solo piano program of Chopin, Schubert and Grieg.

Not in Montreal? Not a problem: CBC Music will be recording the concert for an online video release and a national broadcast on Radio 2's In Concert. Keep an eye on the CBC/McGill page for details, or join this Facebook event and we'll keep you posted.

[PLAY] Listen to Fialkowska describe her connection with Chopin, produced for CBC Music by Carrie Haber courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.


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posted by Scott Tresham on Feb 22, 2013