It's not just the autoharp often found in her arms that gives singer-songwriter Basia Bulat's music that vintage '60s folk feel. Her voice is evocative of that era, too: stark, spare and a hint of huskiness make it possible to imagine Bulat sharing an open mic with a young Joni Mitchell on the coffeehouse scene.

Bulat's new record, Tall Tall Shadow, which you can listen to below, is her third full-length release. It's out Sept. 30 (available for pre-order here), but CBC Music listeners can check it out one week earlier thanks to Secret City Records.


Basia Bulat
Tall Tall Shadow

According to the press release, Tall Tall Shadow was born out of tragedy. Though pain licks at the edges of her lyrics ("I never dreamed you would be the one to shoot me down," she laments on "It Can't Be You"), there's a fevered sort of vibrancy to most of the songs. There's definitely an undercurrent of loss threading its ways through Shadow, but the songs aren't downbeat or depressing. Rather there's a defiant rush throughout, as if Bulat decided she had a choice about whether to wallow or fight. She chose the latter and Shadow soars hopefully in response.

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posted by Andrea Warner on Sep 24, 2013