Have you noticed that lately you can't swing a banjo without hitting some bearded guy in the vest? Has the population of sundress-clad waifs with ukuleles exploded in your town? Old timey is everywhere these days, from scratchy wool pants to artisanal cheese, and music is leading the way.

But are they really old timey?

While the streets of most cities may look like a casting call for Little House on the Prairie, not all bands are equally antiquated. From fashion, to the instruments used, to the musical traditions mined and beyond, there are lots of ways music is celebrating the past. To help you tell the fashion rearward from the true luddites, and to try and compare their various ways, we present the Old-Timey Index. Now you'll never have to wonder whether people could truly blend in during the early 1900s, whether they are musical equivalents of civil war re-enactors, or whether they're just cool downtowners.

Open the gallery for more information and to watch the bands in action.

Graphics were designed by Samantha Smith, and rankings were made by Tom Power and Mike Miner.

Ranking the Most Old Timey Bands

posted by Mike Miner on Sep 03, 2013