Friends of the Be Good Tanyas' Samantha Parton have launched a fundraising effort to cover her cost of living and medical expenses after two car accidents, a tumour and an aneurysm sidelined her from touring.


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Things were going well for Parton in the fall of 2012. The Be Good Tanyas were out on tour, with a compilation album celebrating the band's work from the past dozen years. Then a string of bad luck took her off the road.

On Sept. 3, 2012, Parton was the passenger in a friend's car on Salt Spring Island, B.C., when a pickup trucked slammed into the back of their car at high speed. The accident left her with multiple neck, back and shoulder injuries, and dealing with a concussion. The Tanyas postponed their September shows, and Parton stayed behind when they headed back out to honour their October commitments.

By November, Parton returned to the band, but the days of travel and nights of work proved more than she could handle, and she had to make the hard decision to stay behind once again while her band continued on, someone else taking her place in the harmonies.

In April of this year, her recovery was set back by a second car accident.

But her bad luck didn't end there. During her treatment, a CT scan revealed a tumour on the right side of her brain. An MRI proved the tumour to be benign, but also revealed an aneurysm behind her right eye requiring immediate attention. With the Be Good Tanyas set to head to the U.K. on tour, Parton's August will see her having the aneurysm clipped, and dealing with a recovery time of anywhere from six weeks to a year.

Friends are attempting to raise $15,000 over two donation campaigns (including this one on indiegogo) to help Parton "cover living expenses and medical costs to come."

The band will also be collecting donations while on tour.

posted by Mike Miner on Jul 23, 2013